Many organizations are unaware of the vast number of errors commonly included on monthly enterprise telecom bills. To this day, billings systems remain largely manual and paper-based, and therefore heavily error-prone. Unfortunately, the time necessary to identify these errors over years of bills is often prohibitive. By outsourcing this task, clients frequently recover hundreds of thousands of dollars that would have otherwise been lost to telecom billing.

The Process

Step 1: Deal IQ assigns a dedicated team to scrutinize each and every bill, from every carrier, over the client’s past 2 to 3-year history.

Step 2: Once errors have been identified, Deal IQ provides a detailed analysis to be supplied to the carriers and will advocate on behalf of, and together with, our client to receive a refund or credit to be applied to future carrier invoicing. Deal IQ receives a fee from the dollar amount recovered. The entire process usually takes between 2 to 9 months to complete.

Step 3: Moving forward, the Deal IQ team can be procured to continue Telecom Expense Management on behalf of the client, ensuring accurate billing for years to come.

Clients can expect

  • Detailed, methodical analysis of voluminous telecom invoicing over multiple years, both electronic and paper-based
  • Willingness to analyze multiple carriers
  • Expert information for further negotiation

It’s time to let us help you find the savings and efficiencies your business deserves from your telecom providers.