Creating and administering an RFP is an arduous process. To facilitate the successful procurement of a new vendor (or even increase the effectiveness of an incumbent’s offering), a great deal of time and expert knowledge is necessary. Deal IQ’s best-in-class approach to RFP creation is efficient and results-oriented.

The Process

Step 1: Deal IQ conducts an intake analysis, gaining in-depth knowledge of functionality and budgetary factors being sought in the RFP.

Step 2: Deal IQ develops an RFP that clearly defines all technical and business requirements.

Step 3: Deal IQ suggests vendors to be introduced to the RFP process. In conjunction with the client’s requests, the RFP is published, and Deal IQ handles all contact with vendors during those hectic initial stages.

Step 4: Once all vendors have submitted their proposals, Deal IQ compiles a single view comparison of all vendors, set against a list of pre-determined ranking criteria, and assists the client in arriving at a final and negotiated vendor choice. Deal IQ receives a pre-determined fee for service and negotiation. The process takes between 8 and 12 weeks to complete.

Clients can expect

  • Easy, seamless process
  • Expert advice resulting in the right vendors being introduced from the beginning
  • Detailed RFP that clearly communicates expectations up front
  • The lowest commercially available cost for the solution

We’ll help you find the right vendors for your business. Start your RFP process today.