Licensing models are tremendously complex. There are several different ways to purchase the same functionality, and it is not in the interest of the software provider to point out opportunities for cost savings. Deal IQ’s licensing experts collaborate with the client to reduce licensing costs for maximum functionality at the lowest price.

The Process

Step 1: Deal IQ speaks with the client’s team to determine the key activities and number of licenses necessary and uses this information to stress test the bill of materials.  We leverage a set of tools, including a scan of current deployed licensing, and create a comparison to use-case by user type to arrive at an optimized stance on licensing

Step 2: Deal IQ harnesses the knowledge of insider experts to develop a strategy for discounting the bill of sale.

Step 3: The Client approaches their vendor, armed with accurate information about their desired licensing and cost structure and begins negotiation. Deal IQ receives a fee based on the dollar amount saved. The process usually takes anywhere from a few hours to 3 weeks to complete.

Clients can expect

  • Expert knowledge regarding your preferred vendor’s licensing models
  • In-depth industry knowledge
  • Detail-oriented strategic advice.

Let us help you get more for less.