Expert legal services are valuable and well worth the spend. But the receipt of an extensive legal bill for services rendered over months or years can be daunting. In order to conduct due diligence, thorough analysis of the bill is necessary to ensure billing accuracy.

The Process

Step 1: Deal IQ gains an in-depth understanding of the details of the case, the key players, and the main challenges.

Step 2: Deal IQ utilizes the inside knowledge of legal experts to analyze the bill and identify areas for improvement.

Step 3: Deal IQ communicates directly with the law firm and reaches an agreement on final pricing. Deal IQ receives a percentage of the dollar amount saved on the bill. The process typically takes between 2 to 6 weeks.

Clients can expect

  • Expert legal advice from both partner-level and junior lawyers familiar with billing
  • Detailed analysis of the bill in question
  • Decades of negotiation experience resulting in unparalleled skill

Let us help you ensure you are not over-paying for your legal services.