A “Best and Final Offer” can almost always be improved. In fact, Deal IQ has an 83% success rate in securing further savings from the Best and Final. Clients can expect a 20 – 40% savings on new services, and 10 – 20% savings on renewals.

The Process

Step 1: Once the client has chosen a vendor that they wish to retain, and settled on the key service terms of the contract, Deal IQ conducts an initial analysis free of charge.

Step 2: Working together with the client, Deal IQ develops a negotiation strategy to produce further cost savings and increased service offering.

Step 3: Per the strategy, Deal IQ either conducts the entire negotiation on the client’s behalf, or acts as a silent consultant to guide the client through the negotiation.

Step 4: The client receives a further reduction from the Best and Final, and Deal IQ receives payment based on the percentage of savings. The entire process generally takes between 1 and 5 business days.

Clients can expect

  • Expert knowledge and advice
  • Skilled negotiators willing to do whatever it takes to achieve the desired result
  • Significant cost savings

Let us help you get the very best price for your technology solution.