Software companies will frequently audit their clients to ensure that they are compliant with licensing agreements. These audits result in unexpected bills ranging from hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars owed. Deal IQ’s expert team assists clients through this process with negotiation and defense, ensuring that the final number is reasonable and fair.

The Process

Step 1: Deal IQ assists from the beginning of the audit process, beginning by locating the necessary data to prove the facts of the licensing usage.

Step 2: Deal IQ creates a strategy for fair and accurate pricing. Many clients are unaware that software companies commonly use licensing audits as a “Trojan Horse” for new sales. Deal IQ’s strategy takes this expert knowledge into account, calling the vendor’s “bluff”.

Step 3: Deal IQ communicates expectations to the vendor, presenting a fair price for what the client is willing to pay; ultimately resulting in a more favourable outcome for the client. Deal IQ receives a fee based on the percentage saved. The process is completed in 1 to 4 weeks.

Clients can expect

  • Expert knowledge on your vendor’s unique audit processes
  • Skilled negotiation
  • Impressive cost savings

Don’t get caught unprepared for a licensing audit. We’ll ensure you don’t pay more than necessary.