Each of our services leverages our sales and negotiation expertise combined with our in-depth experience with the software and services you need.Since the majority of our services are based on the savings we are able to negotiate or find on your behalf, NO SAVINGS = NO COST TO YOU.


A “Best and Final Offer” can almost always be improved. In fact, Deal IQ has an 83% success rate in securing further savings from the Best and Final.

Clients can expect a 20 – 40% savings on new services, and 10 – 20% savings on renewals.


The point at which a client retains the services of a new vendor is a high-risk milestone. Many vendors implement annual recurring fees tied to the initial purchase price of a product or service.

If the initial purchase price is high, the client risks continuing to over-pay for several years to come.


Creating and administering an RFP is an arduous process. To facilitate the successful procurement of a new vendor (or even increase the effectiveness of an incumbent’s offering), a great deal of time and expert knowledge is necessary.

Deal IQ’s best-in-class approach to RFP creation is efficient and results-oriented.


Many organizations are unaware of the vast number of errors commonly included on monthly enterprise telecom bills. To this day, billings systems remain largely manual and paper-based, and therefore heavily error-prone. Unfortunately, the time necessary to identify these errors over years of bills is often prohibitive.

By outsourcing this task, clients frequently recover hundreds of thousands of dollars that would have otherwise been lost to telecom billing.


Licensing models are tremendously complex. There are several different ways to purchase the same functionality, and it is not in the interest of the software provider to point out opportunities for cost savings.

Deal IQ’s licensing experts collaborate with the client to reduce licensing costs for maximum functionality at the lowest price.


Software companies will frequently audit their clients to ensure that they are compliant with licensing agreements. These audits result in unexpected bills ranging from hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars owed.

Deal IQ’s expert team assists clients through this process with negotiation and defense, ensuring that the final number is reasonable and fair.


Expert legal services are valuable and well worth the spend. But the receipt of an extensive legal bill for services rendered over months or years can be daunting.

In order to conduct due diligence, thorough analysis of the bill is necessary to ensure billing accuracy.

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