At Deal IQ, our people make the difference in determining the quality of our negotiations and the services we provide.

Our in-house experts have led sales organizations in world-class technology companies and trained the sales forces of their world-class industry peers. Due to this, we have unique insights into the pricing practices of large technology providers and first-hand knowledge of the selling skills, processes and tools used by vendors during the negotiation process.

We know how to level the playing field to get you the very best possible price for the technology solutions you need.



Aaron has spent his career immersed in sales, sales management and the art of negotiation – developing a level of expertise and keen awareness of how and why sellers behave the way the do.

Prior to co-founding Deal IQ, Aaron was the President of one of North America’s largest sales training firms, training hundreds of top global sales teams about the art and science of relationship-building and large deal negotiations.  Aaron began his career in sales and sales management in several verticals.

Aaron graduated with a degree in Philosophy from the University of Western Ontario.