For over 20 years Deal IQ has been finding cost-savings through expert negotiation for businesses all over the world.

Deal IQ uses professional sales and negotiation experience coupled with pricing intelligence data and vendor-specific expertise to level the playing field. Our clients benefit from the expert counsel of trained professionals who always have their best interests in mind.

Our Process

Step One: Align
Deal IQ begins each project with an intake meeting. We seek to understand the details of the client’s history, current needs, and future direction.

Step Two: Strategize
Harnessing the power of our in-house experts, Deal IQ develops a strategy to produce cost savings. This may include further analysis of agreements and pricing, negotiating on the client’s behalf, or introducing specific vendors to get the job done.

Step Three: Finalize
The vast majority of Deal IQ’s services receive a fee only upon producing a cost savings for the client. It’s an added assurance that our work is never complete until our clients achieve a better outcome through our assistance.

Our services include

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